Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Meet the Directors

Shashank Jain

Co-Founder of EcoMitram Sustainable Solutions

Mr. Shashank Jain is the visionary co-founder and director of EcoMitram Sustainable Solutions Private Limited, a prominent player in the renewable energy sector. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Shashank has played a pivotal role in steering EcoMitram towards excellence and innovation.

Professional Background: Shashank Jain is recognized as the SolarQuarter Business Leader of the Year, a testament to his exceptional leadership in the renewable energy sector. As a Founder Director at EcoMitram, he brings invaluable expertise and dedication to the company's mission. He has been instrumental in shaping the company's identity as a frontrunner in solar energy services. His profound insights and dedication have positioned EcoMitram as a key player in solar project development and management. A Computer Engineer alumni of Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Jaipur, prior to founding Ecomitram, he worked as IT Analyst in Tata Consultancy Services.

Professional Network: Shashank is an active professional with a notable presence on LinkedIn. His profile showcases his expertise, industry collaborations, and the latest developments in the renewable energy domain. As a founder, he continues to inspire and lead EcoMitram towards new heights of success.

EcoMitram's Mission: Under Mr. Shashank Jain's leadership, EcoMitram is on a mission to provide clean, renewable energy solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and combating climate change. In his role as a Co-Founder and Director, Mr. Jain plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of EcoMitram. His leadership is instrumental in driving the company's growth, innovation, and dedication to environmental conservation. The company's portfolio spans solar power plant installation, maintenance services, and project management consultancy.

Join us in acknowledging the leadership and vision of Shashank Jain, a leader who inspires us to create a sustainable and cleaner future through EcoMitram.

Ravi Saini

Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Welcome to the driving force behind EcoMitram Sustainable Solutions. Mr. Ravi Saini, a Co-Founder and Director of Operations, brings a wealth of experience and passion to our mission of revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape.

Professional Journey:Ravi is an accomplished Managing Director with a demonstrated history in the renewables and environmental sector. His expertise spans marketing management, sales, and a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics within the industry. As a Co-Founder, Ravi has been instrumental in shaping EcoMitram's trajectory.

Educational Background: Ravi's academic journey includes a B.Tech. from Government Engineering College, Ajmer and an MBA from IMT, Nagpur, where he cultivated the skills that now drive EcoMitram's innovative solutions.

Leadership Philosophy: Ravi Saini embodies a leadership philosophy grounded in a harmonious blend of technical prowess and business acumen. His role as Chief Operating Officer highlights his commitment to operational excellence, ensuring that EcoMitram remains at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

Contributions to EcoMitram's Success: As a pivotal member of the executive team, Ravi has played a key role in the strategic direction of EcoMitram. His focus on strategy and operations has been integral to the company's growth and recognition.
Join us in celebrating the vision and dedication of Ravi Saini, whose leadership continues to propel EcoMitram towards a sustainable and cleaner energy future.